Flower Angel Redux

I previously posted a photo I took earlier this year, in the spring, entitled Flower Angel:

Flower Angel

And I explained:

My next door neighbor has what I believe is a Tabebuia, or trumpet tree (I’m terrible with tree identification so someone correct me if I’m wrong please). The tree has stunning yellow trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom in brilliance then start falling, and all this happens in Spring. Her yard becomes a blanket of yellow. My daughter fell into them and began making a “flower angel”, and I like how it looked. We don’t get snow here so this is as close to a snow angel as we can get…LOL.

Now I want to share the other photos in the series.  These shots show how quickly the flowers fell…after the flower angel shot, the time elapsed between the first and last photos is 2 – 3 days. I think it’s amazing.

I wish I had a photo of the flowers, all on the tree. But you’ll just have to imagine that…

Day One Flower Fall

The accumulation after two days.

A lovely carpet of flowers!

A wider shot. When cars would drive by my neighbor's yard, invariably they would slow down to enjoy the beauty.

The bare tree after all of these flowers fell. The tree is stunning when flowered - not really much in the way of leaves, it's almost all flowers and a brilliant, beautiful yellow!

My angel, my beautiful daughter Brooke.


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