About Me

Greetings. You’ve stumbled upon Vintage Minx, aka Laura. I am a mid-40ish woman who still feels like a teenager, even as I head, kicking and screaming, towards *insert shudder here* middle (ish) age. I say “ish” because it mitigates the harsh reality of certain words, at least in my mind. I am a wife, mother, and career woman; in other words, a modern woman trying to prove you can do it all, the end result of which is continual exhaustion.

I am what you might call a cougar, as my husband Grant is 18 years younger than me. We’ve been married for 2 1/2 blissful years and it just gets better all the time. I have two teenagers (Mother Nature’s best source of gray hair), a son 18 and a daughter 16. I have a dog, a cat, and a couple of blogs. Life is good. Most of the time.

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you leave with a smile.


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  1. gibsongirl247
    Sep 02, 2010 @ 22:51:02

    Thanks for commenting on my blog today. It was fun being “freshly pressed”. I’ve had thousands of readers today–and lots of comments. I like your About Me. Cougar,huh? Now every time I read your blog I’m gonna think of Courtney Cox.
    You sound like a lot of fun. Being in your mid 40’s is just fine. We are young enough to enjoy life and old enough to appreciate it.
    Have a great evening! Meow.


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