Some more of my photos. I hope you enjoy them!

The Essence of Happiness

I stumbled upon my cat Cleo sleeping in a sunny spot on my desk one day. She happened to position herself  right in front of a small book I keep out for daily inspiration: The Essence of Happiness by the Dalai Lama. I thought that nothing captured the essence of happiness quite like a cat napping peacefully in the warm sun. It made me smile so I snapped a pic!

Time For A Swim!

My best photos are ones I don’t plan; rather, subjects I happen upon unexpectedly. Perhaps it is that way for everyone. One day last spring, my husband and I were strolling around a lake at a local park; there were a lot of Mama ducks and ducklings. I watched as this mother lead her babies into the water; I snapped this as they swam off. I was quite impressed with how quickly they fell into formation!

Flower Angel

My next door neighbor has what I believe is a Tabebuia, or trumpet tree (I’m terrible with tree identification so someone correct me if I’m wrong please). The tree has stunning yellow trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom in brilliance then start falling, and all this happens in Spring. Her yard becomes a blanket of yellow. My daughter fell into them and began making a “flower angel”, and I like how it looked. We don’t get snow here (I live in Florida) so this is as close to a snow angel as we can get…LOL.