Some more of my photos. I hope you enjoy them!

The Essence of Happiness

I stumbled upon my cat Cleo sleeping in a sunny spot on my desk one day. She happened to position herself  right in front of a small book I keep out for daily inspiration: The Essence of Happiness by the Dalai Lama. I thought that nothing captured the essence of happiness quite like a cat napping peacefully in the warm sun. It made me smile so I snapped a pic!

Time For A Swim!

My best photos are ones I don’t plan; rather, subjects I happen upon unexpectedly. Perhaps it is that way for everyone. One day last spring, my husband and I were strolling around a lake at a local park; there were a lot of Mama ducks and ducklings. I watched as this mother lead her babies into the water; I snapped this as they swam off. I was quite impressed with how quickly they fell into formation!

Flower Angel

My next door neighbor has what I believe is a Tabebuia, or trumpet tree (I’m terrible with tree identification so someone correct me if I’m wrong please). The tree has stunning yellow trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom in brilliance then start falling, and all this happens in Spring. Her yard becomes a blanket of yellow. My daughter fell into them and began making a “flower angel”, and I like how it looked. We don’t get snow here (I live in Florida) so this is as close to a snow angel as we can get…LOL.


I like to dabble. At the beginning of the year I decided to participate in a photoblog project in which you take a photo a day for the entire year as a way to document 2010. I did well for a few months, but with full-time work and teenagers, it got to be too much. Will probably try again in 2011. But along the way, I did take a few photos of which I am proud, thought I’d share them here. The captions are what I wrote in the photoblog, and any reference to “today” obviously means the day the photo was actually taken.

Many trees here are covered by Spanish moss, some so much so that on windy days they seem to dance. As I strolled I was struck by the movement of many moss-covered tall trees, towering over smaller ones, and in this shot the color contrast of the gray moss of the tall tree over the orange leaves of the smaller tree captivated me. It's a beautiful place to stroll, and my husband and I spent an hour and a half walking and snapping pictures.

My desk faces a window, and in the afternoon the sun is quite bright - so bright that I close the curtain. I noticed my cat playing with something (who knows what) behind the curtain, silhouetted by the sun, so I snapped a photo.

Today's picture was inspired by the weather, but I ended up with a much different shot than I anticipated. We are having record cold temperatures for our area, and are seeing some sleet and even light snow fall in the Orlando area. While that's not impressive to those who live in very cold climates, it is very unusual for us in Florida; it's something that happens once every few decades or so. In this shot I am sitting in my car looking out through the windshield. I was trying to capture some of the ice pellets that were hitting the windshield, mixed with raindrops; and while I captured that (just left of center in the photo), I ended up also capturing an almost impressionistic painting look to the tree I was facing. The rivulets of rain look like brush strokes to me. I'm learning that sometimes in photography we end up with something far different than what we anticipated - and it's a fun surprise!

Busy bee pollinating. I snapped this photo today as we strolled around a lake after a picnic.

More another time!